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Super Cute Valentines Ruffled Apron Pattern Tutorial DIY February 9, 2012


You will need the following fabric:

(1) 15 1/2″ x 20 1/2″ piece of  fabric for the back of the apron- Piece A
(4)  6 1/2″ x 33 1’/2″ pieces of fabric for the ruffles- Piece B
(2) 4 1/2″ x 24 1/2″ pieces of fabric for the apron strings- Piece C
(1)  4 1/2″ x 20 1/2″ piece of fabric for the band- Piece D


Make a 1/4″ hem by folding under 1/4″ of the fabric and then folding over again, enclosing all raw edges of piece  “A”, iron under 1/4″ on all sides and stitch.

“B” Pieces- Hem the same way on the two short sides  and one long side, leaving one 33″ side unsewn.    Repeat with all 4 pieces.

Working on the right side of the fabric, using long machine stitches, stitch along the unsewn side at 1/4″ and again 1/8″ in seam allowance. Pull threads to adjust gathers. Starting on the bottom, pin the top  edge of the ruffle to the  wrong side of the fabric on piece “A” at about 1″ up from the bottom.  Wrap the gathering threads around the pin.  Adjust gathers to fit across and pin piece down on opposite side. Stitch over the gathers to keep in place.

Sew the next ruffle (“B”) to piece “A” about 4 1/2″ above the top of the previously sewn ruffle, making sure the top ruffles overlaps the bottom ruffle by about an inch.  Repeat with remaining ruffles.

Once the ruffles are sewn on, you should have about 1 1/2″ of piece “A” left at the top.

Take Pieces “C” and hem all 3 edges, leaving one short edge open. 

Next, take piece “D” and fold in half. Press with iron. Fold under 1/4″ on remaining 3 sides. Place the top of piece “A” inside of piece “C” and pin to hold in place.  Place pieces “C” on both ends of the band. Secure in place with pins. Stitch (2) short ends (being sure to catch the apron strings underneath) and stitch along the open end.


FOR sharing this cute apron pattern with us!

Stay Crafty & Funky everyone! Love, Okie


Reversible Basic Half-Apron with Ruffled Bottom

Reversible Basic Half-Apron with Ruffled Bottom

(ignore oven mitt please – thats for later 🙂

Materials Needed:

2 pieces complementary patterned fabric, 15″x24″

1 strip of fabric for top binding & apron strings, 4″x 55″ (or use a measuring tape to determine your desired length – you may have to sew two lengths together) of accent fabric.

1  31/2″x36″ length of fabric for ruffled bottom in accent fabric


 Ruffled Bottom:

Fold a 3 1/2″ x 36″ length of fabric in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.

Using the longest stitch on your machine, sew a basting stitch 3/8″ from raw edge.

Pull top thread carefully, slightly ruffling the fabric until it is approx. 23″ long.

Place one piece of apron fabric right side up. Line up the raw edge of the ruffle with the raw bottom edge of apron fabric, ruffle pointed toward the inside.  The ruffle should start and end 1/4″ from the left and right edges of the apron piece (figure f)

Right sides of both apron pieces together, lay ruffle piece along bottom edge, sew bottom and sides; clip the corners (figure 2. & b.)

Turn right side out and press.

Using your machine’s longest stitch, sew a basting stitch 3/8″ from the top edge, leaving a long tail of thread at the end.

Pull the top thread carefully, loosely gathering into a slight ruffle (figure c.)

Press the fabric strip in half lengthwise.

Open and fold the raw sides into the center.

Press. Fold closed and press again (figure d.).

Center the fabric binding over the gathered top edge of the apron and pin in place.

Starting at one end of the binding, top-stitch the binding closed,

stitching close to the bottom edge (figure e.)

And that’s it! You’re all done You Crafty Thang! LOL … Sorry the Ruffled part was not drawn onto the pattern images besides the 1st image – Was added to pattern later 🙂 Enjoy your new reversible apron!

Have fun! Stay Crafty & Funky!! XOXO, Okie


Suzy Homemaker Apron – Tutorial – Pattern

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This Suzy Homemaker apron is just too cute not to share – I will be making my own SKULL pattern version soon and will post pics!

Suzy Homemaker Apron Pattern Tutorial



A – Neck and Waist ties – Finished size* 1″ x 18″ – Two layers each: Cut 8 (Light Pink)
B – Top Ruffle – Finished size 18″ x 1.5″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)
C – Top – Finished size 12″ x 10″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Bright Pink)
D – Waist – Finished size 18″ x 2″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)
E – Skirt – 28″ x 21″ – Single layer: Cut 1 (Bright Pink)
F – Skirt trim – Finished size 28″ x 1.5″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)
*Add at least 1/2 inch seam allowance to the finished measurements for the size you’ll need to cut out.

1. I sewed A and B up, right sides together (leaving a small opening) like a pillow and then turned them out and topstitched them.
2. I sandwiched the top ruffle (B) and neck ties (A) between the right sides together of the top and stitched it up like a pillow.
3. I sewed the trim on the bottom of the skirt (not visible in my picture.)
4. I ironed down the edges for a back and front piece of the waist and then made a little sandwich with the back of the waist band on the bottom, then the skirt, top, and waist ties and then the front of the waistband. Then I topstitched around the entire waistband-sandwich. (There are easier ways to do this, I’m sure, but I was winging it.)

I did the embroidery by hand. (I *wish* I had a machine! I’d embroider everything! LOL)

I drew out the design on paper, layed it under the fabric and traced it with a fabric marking pen. Then I embroidered it with synthetic embroidery floss (the shiny stuff.) The embroidery isn’t that great up close, but from a distance I think it turned out pretty nice.

Click link below to see the original tut at! Thanks and stay Crafty & Funky!

Suzy Homemaker Apron – Tutorial – CLOTHING.


Sweater Boot Cuffs / Leg Warmers February 7, 2012

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Sweater Boot Cuffs


So, these are totally cute right?! I love them, but they sell online for $30 and up – which isnt bad if you got money to burn I suppose, but me, I dont like letting someone else do my crafting or paying them to do it either! So I can make my own cute Boot Cuff or Leg Warmers (depending on the length) for a mere .. ohh… $2.00 a pair! HOW you ask, you go to your local thrift store and search thru mens and womens sweaters to find a color, design, and non itchy material you like. You can DEFINITELY do this for under $2.00. Then you take it home and simply cut off the sweater’s sleeves to the desired Cuff / Warmer length. The former ‘wrist’ of the sweater is now the top part of your cuff. Then you take any matching yard and stitch the bottom end up (not together) so it doesn’t unravel and so it stays as tight as you need them to be – and VOILA!! You got super Cute FUNKY boot cuffs that you made yo self, for under 2 bucks! AWESOME SAUCE DUDE!

~Crafty Funky Okie~


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My blog will be about everything that is me. I am an okie, a military wife, mom of 2 kiddos, a Christian, and I am very crafty, so I will be blogging about all my DIY projects. I paint, sew, woodwork, sculpt, repurpose furniture and clothing, custom home decor, upcycle items, I also LOVE to READ so I will have a specific category on my blog for in-depth Book Reviews. I do custom Fab Cakes and 3D cakes, oh and I do graphic design too. So if you’re into learning how to be Mrs. suzy homemaker, stick around, I’ll help ya out girl!