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Sweater Boot Cuffs / Leg Warmers February 7, 2012

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Sweater Boot Cuffs


So, these are totally cute right?! I love them, but they sell online for $30 and up – which isnt bad if you got money to burn I suppose, but me, I dont like letting someone else do my crafting or paying them to do it either! So I can make my own cute Boot Cuff or Leg Warmers (depending on the length) for a mere .. ohh… $2.00 a pair! HOW you ask, you go to your local thrift store and search thru mens and womens sweaters to find a color, design, and non itchy material you like. You can DEFINITELY do this for under $2.00. Then you take it home and simply cut off the sweater’s sleeves to the desired Cuff / Warmer length. The former ‘wrist’ of the sweater is now the top part of your cuff. Then you take any matching yard and stitch the bottom end up (not together) so it doesn’t unravel and so it stays as tight as you need them to be – and VOILA!! You got super Cute FUNKY boot cuffs that you made yo self, for under 2 bucks! AWESOME SAUCE DUDE!

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  1. sarah@antidote_studio Says:

    Must. Do.

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