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Suzy Homemaker Apron – Tutorial – Pattern February 9, 2012

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This Suzy Homemaker apron is just too cute not to share – I will be making my own SKULL pattern version soon and will post pics!

Suzy Homemaker Apron Pattern Tutorial



A – Neck and Waist ties – Finished size* 1″ x 18″ – Two layers each: Cut 8 (Light Pink)
B – Top Ruffle – Finished size 18″ x 1.5″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)
C – Top – Finished size 12″ x 10″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Bright Pink)
D – Waist – Finished size 18″ x 2″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)
E – Skirt – 28″ x 21″ – Single layer: Cut 1 (Bright Pink)
F – Skirt trim – Finished size 28″ x 1.5″ – Two layers: Cut 2 (Light Pink)
*Add at least 1/2 inch seam allowance to the finished measurements for the size you’ll need to cut out.

1. I sewed A and B up, right sides together (leaving a small opening) like a pillow and then turned them out and topstitched them.
2. I sandwiched the top ruffle (B) and neck ties (A) between the right sides together of the top and stitched it up like a pillow.
3. I sewed the trim on the bottom of the skirt (not visible in my picture.)
4. I ironed down the edges for a back and front piece of the waist and then made a little sandwich with the back of the waist band on the bottom, then the skirt, top, and waist ties and then the front of the waistband. Then I topstitched around the entire waistband-sandwich. (There are easier ways to do this, I’m sure, but I was winging it.)

I did the embroidery by hand. (I *wish* I had a machine! I’d embroider everything! LOL)

I drew out the design on paper, layed it under the fabric and traced it with a fabric marking pen. Then I embroidered it with synthetic embroidery floss (the shiny stuff.) The embroidery isn’t that great up close, but from a distance I think it turned out pretty nice.

Click link below to see the original tut at! Thanks and stay Crafty & Funky!

Suzy Homemaker Apron – Tutorial – CLOTHING.