Crafty Funky Okie

Crafts, DIY Stuff, Upcycle, Okie's, Painting, Sewing, Cakes, Reading, Bloggin.

About Crafty Funky Okie February 7, 2012

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m a Crafty Funky Okie! My blog will be about everything that is me. I am an okie, a military wife, mom of 2 kiddos, a Christian, and I am very crafty, so I will be blogging about all my DIY projects. I paint, sew, woodwork, sculpt, repurpose furniture and clothing, custom home decor, upcycle items,  I do custom Fab Cakes and 3D cakes, oh and I do graphic design too. So if you’re into learning how to be Mrs. suzy homemaker, stick around, I’ll help ya out girl!


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